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Robinrobi Seo
Jun 20, 2022
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Suddenly I found myself in the current company for 2,000 days, and it was also the 2,000 days of my own transformation of products. In fact, it is not surprising how many days it takes to make a product, but working in a company for more than 2,000 days (5 years) is beyond category email list my expectations, but it is no exception; in this company, through internal changes and project adjustments, I have contacted and He has been in charge of many projects and category email list witnessed the company's rapid progress. As a small screw, he has also achieved the precipitation and growth of personal products on a big ship. At the time node of 2000 DAY, looking back on the past product career, it is inevitable to have some insights, and I hope to help you. PM focuses on product planning, design and logic for 1-3 years; focuses on industry, user insight and product thinking for more than 3 years Product is a position that needs to know everything. Developers want you to know technology, operation students category email list want you to know operations, design students want you to know PS, and the boss wants you to know everything. Under the slogan that everyone is a product manager, in fact, the most category email list needed ability of a product is to return to the user, and don’t be trapped by various realities and realization cycles. In fact, a product needs a lot of capabilities, and there are many high-level words, so I will not list them. But I think that at different stages, products should have different focuses, so as to avoid me wanting all of them and find myself wasted in the end. 1-3 years of product is the time to practice basic skills, product planning, design and logical sorting, in fact, you will category email list find that it is not simple, not just copying the competing products; others' strategies, industry status, budget, production and research capabilities It will be directly fed back to the product category email list and effect, so it is impossible to surpass the competing products by absorbing all the competing products. Therefore, at this stage, product planning, design and logic require a lot of effort from you. Reference to competing products.
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Robinrobi Seo

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